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Formally known as VFGames, Vincentkahn.com offers Website development and management, iPhone and iPad apps, and promotional videos. Our primary goal is to keep our customers happy and going above and beyond to suit them however possible. We are always looking for new projects or sites to work on so if you know a company that needs a website or a new one send them to us, or tell us about them.

Punch Slip




This app is dedicated to all employees that have ever been cut short on there paychecks. Think of Punch Slip as your personal Time Clock. It is a very useful tool to any employee who needs to keep track of when they worked. This app allows you to enter how much you make per hour and then calculate how much you earned on a specific shift. It stores all of your recorded times in a nice, clean, and easy to read table. Later, if you choose, you can email the recorded times to anyone it may concern. I created this app because I was working and found myself getting paid for less hours than I worked. So, I thought it would be useful for me to have a personal Time Clock on my iPhone. After a little bit of work, I decided to share this app with all of you as you may want to keep an eye on your hours that you work as well. I would love to get feedback from all of my users so that I can continue to update this app and make it more useful for all of us. So why are you still reading this description? It's free...so download it now!

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